5 healthy ways to lose weight for good

The majority of us want to reach our weight loss goals, before the end of the year. For this very reason, we want to share with you 5 substantial changes to help you get into shape in no time.

According to Amanda, the young Brazilian model, she believes that there is no need to suffer while losing weight. If you plan out your diet and regularly exercise you can be showing off your beautiful body. Having a body like hers isn’t impossible or achieved from a miraculous magic act but the secret lies in making some permanent changes to your daily routine.

lose weight for good

This will require you to eliminate some calories from your daily diet, get up from your sedentary lifestyle and get moving and learn to appreciate your life each day. These are all basic ingredients to lose weight, the only thing that you need to do is make the decision to do so and start TODAY.

How to lose weight without killing yourself:

Just as the beautiful Amanda explained to us on her social networking accounts, she didn’t suffer while losing weight. She put into practice the following routine to lose weight and get into shape:

Decrease your daily caloric intake: this model eats without regrets, but cuts the portion size in each of her meals. Try and eat 5 to 6 times a day, but use portion control. Make sure each meal contains vegetables, especially dark green-leafy vegetables. Citrus fruits and seasonal fruits are ideal foods as they are low in calories.

She normally has her breakfast around 12:00 PM or noon each day. Lunch is at 4:00 PM and finally a healthy dinner at around 8:00 PM. Avoid snacking after going to bed, as this will decrease your desire to snack throughout the following day, which leads to higher caloric intake.

Don’t eliminate carbohydrates or protein from your daily diet because these main staples are needed by your body to build muscles and give you iron sculpted legs such as Amanda’s. Sleep at least 8 hours a night and practice yoga. This is one of her main secrets to having a super healthy body.

5 things that you need to incorporate into your daily routine to quickly lose weight

Trainers and specialized nutritionists for well-known athletes both agree upon the following key elements for building a healthy body. Below, you can find 5 of these fundamental keys in successfully losing weight:

1. Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day. According to experts, water is one of the best allies in losing weight, as it is one of the key factors for eliminating toxins that are in our body.
2. Never ever eliminate carbohydrates from your main meals. Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, there is absolutely no need to leave out this excellent source of energy. We only recommend that you opt for whole grains, so they will be absorbed slower by your body and decrease an insulin spike.
3. To build muscle mass make sure to do short sessions lifting heavy weights with few repetitions. This will help you to burn fat even while you are sleeping.
4. Avoid skipping meals. It is actually recommended to snack on fresh and dried fruits, Greek yogurt and protein based snacks throughout the day. These types of snacks will help you to feel full and you won’t fall into “temptation” between meals.
5. Make sure you go to bed each night by 10:00 pm, as this is fundamental not just for fat loss but also for building muscle. Adequate rest prevents you from hitting a plateau or gaining weight.

Amanda’s 7 steps for staying in shape

According to her social media accounts, the key to staying healthy is all about having a simple and uncomplicated lifestyle. This young women has her priorities very clear in her life and cares for her body the following ways:

1. Even though she has a late breakfast, she doesn’t skip it.
2. She avoids stress by all costs. She claims by walking her dog for 30 minutes to an hour each day is one of the best ways to unwind.
3. She focuses on doing daily exercises to strengthen her envied gluts and legs.
4. Everyday, she drinks 3 to 4 cups of green tea.
5. After breakfast, she normally drinks a liter of coconut water with a twist of lemon and ginger.
6. She maintains each meal at a 10% to 20% lower caloric intake.
7. On weekends, she allows herself the occasional treat and an extra 30% calories daily.

Amanda clarifies that routine above has helped her to maintain her fabulous body and she encourages anyone that is ready for improving their lifestyle to follow it. If you want to look like her, then don’t delay and begin losing weight with these proven suggestions in this article.

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