The different hair treatments you need to know

Currently, the best of hair treatments is Nuviante. It is an over-the-counter treatment available on the internet. Studies show that it lengthens the growth phase of your hair. It has been shown to produce new hair growth in both men and women. There are many treatments for hair that can cause damage. Do not underestimate the importance of cut, color, style and daily treatments for growth

Hair Treatments

To have a strong and shiny hair is necessary to follow some steps to achieve it. While there are people who for genetic reasons have a splendid hair and do not need to do much about it. But most people do not have the hair they want, so they need special care. There are some tips that are important to prevent damage and strengthen the hair from its origin.

Keep the scalp fresh. In general, the less heat is used, the better. Modeling with heat can damage the hair. Dry air whenever possible, and if you have to use hot tools, choose those with adjustable settings and keep them at the lowest level. This will not affect hair growth, but you will be able to avoid breakages and make hair thinner and weak.

Brushing your hair carefully is very important. If used in conjunction with a hair dryer, round metal brushes can get significantly warmer, and some brushes with plastic or hard bristle metal can cause hair breakage. Instead, try using a brush of soft or flexible nylon boar bristles.

In most cases, the shorter cuts are kinder to thinning hair. If the hair is allowed to grow a lot, chances are the sections will separate and reveal your scalp. Whichever length you choose, you can ask them to add inner layers, which are placed along your cut, not just at the ends, to add more fullness.

Hair treatments that can damage it

Fading or significantly lightening your hair color all can cause damage or breakage. It is best to use a coloration that is more similar to the original color, so do not dye it very often because the growth is exposed. You can also opt for a tone-to-tone coloration without ammonia that not cause damage to the scalp. It also thickens the hair, because it is a layer of color that is superimposed on each hair. It is the great difference with the permanent dyes, which penetrate the depth of the hair damaging it. Professional tone-on-tone dyes are a true beauty treatment for hair. It Leave it with more volume, softer and stronger. This is because they are made with products that nourish and strengthen the hair in depth, adding a protective layer. These tinctures last a month and go gradually with the washes, without changing the natural structure of the hair.

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