Do testosterone supplements work?

Testosterone is the male hormone that I dare say, men cannot do without. It is increasing produced as one nears and goes through puberty to facilitate their transition from boys to men. The hormone is responsible for that deep,manly voice due to larynx enlargement. Some of its other actions include an increase in sex drive, growth of pubic and other male hair especially on the onset of puberty, increase in muscle mass, development of male sexual organs as well as the production of fertile sperm. Clearly, you can see why I said it is one of the most essential male hormones.

Test Supplements/Boosters v Steroids

Unfortunately, as men grow older, testosterone levels in the body decrease. This leads to among other things, a reduction in sex drive and poor performance in bed. This could have a greatly negative effect on a man’s life. That is why men around the age of twenty eight to thirty years opt to start taking testosterone supplements. Athletes also need a good level of testosterone to perform well. It is therefore not uncommon that they turn to testosterone supplements and boosters. Unfortunately many men and athletes act in haste and desperation.

They simply go for anything they find on the market thinking it is just what they need. Wrong! There is a great difference between testosterone boosters and steroids. Supplements and boosters are natural products that stimulate the natural production of testosterone by the body. Steroids are actually synthetically produced. This is introducing the synthetic hormone directly into the body. Steroids are indeed used to treat health condition but are dangerous and should not be taken by healthy individuals. Some manufacturers disguise steroids as supplements, which calls for caution as you purchase them.

What are the Benefits Of Testosterone Boosters?

The first is an increase in libido. If you are a man and you feel that you haven’t been able to satisfy your lover like you used to in the past, you may want to try this. Men have been able to get their sex life back and even show improvement for those with erectile dysfunction.

The supplements have been shown to help men recover quickly from gruesome sessions of exercise. This is because one is able to use more protein for tissue and muscle repair. This is especially useful to athletes and men who exercise regularly.

Testosterone supplements lead to the gaining of muscle mass. This leaves men looking toned and lean. It is a good combination when one is working out as you are able to strengthen those muscles and look buff.

An increase in testosterone levels could also cause one to lose weight by losing excess fat. Testosterone aids the burning of excess fat that they don’t need. Most men put on unwanted weight as they age and they are pleased that they can get to lose it by taking these supplements. Find out about more supplements here.

With an increase in sex drive, muscle mass gain and other physical benefits of using boosters, men also get a boost in self esteem. This translates to better performance in their social life with friends and family. Their professional life and careers are also impacted positively.

Testosterone Therapy – Side Effects

Due to the many advantages of taking testosterone supplements, most people end up abusing them because they want to get the desired results faster. Unfortunately they only put themselves and their health at risk. The following are effects associated with abusing these supplements:

  • 1. – Some men have reported having experienced breast development or enlargement after taking too many of the supplements or taking them over a prolonged period of time.
  • 2. – The other very common effect of abuse is the reduction in size of the male testes. This results in the production of less sperm.
  • 3. – One could also experience rampant mood swings. Men become irritable and are prone to anger and they could even get violent.
  • 4. – Excessive testosterone in the body leads to hair loss. Men who abuse the supplements could find themselves losing their hair rapidly.

Choosing the Right Testosterone Supplementtestosterone review

There are many supplements currently in the market. One of them is Testoultra (Read this article about Testoultra ) It can become confusing for someone who wants to start using one. It is good to note that a supplement that also suppresses estrogen is ideal. That being side, the best way to choose a supplement is consulting your doctor. After that, order a safe one from the internet where many come with offers. All the best!

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